GMTO is a specialist in the development and providing of practice-oriented diagnostic training courses. Providing classroom training, using fully functioning and simulated self-designed automotive systems, is central.


By doing and experiencing it yourself, this is the most effective teaching method for the student to acquire many practical skills within a short time. A large part of the modules is concluded with a practical day, during which the student independently detects all possible malfunctions with the knowledge they have acquired.


We provide education, training and workshops for the following branches. On our website you can see which training courses we offer per category. The training courses consist of a compiled track, but can also be followed as seperate modules. 

Passanger car trainings 

Truck trainings

Motorcycle trainings

Body shop trainings

For more information about our training courses, the training agenda and an overview of the individual modules, see our website You can also register here. 


Are you unsure about your level of knowledge?  Take the GMTO knowledge test (in Dutch), this test is specially made to determine the level of the technicians. Based on the results, advice is given on which training to follow at GMTO. The test contains 20 questions and per question you have 2 minutes to answer.


Inquire at OOMT ( for any subsidied, tax allowances or other arrangements.