GMTO 6 months access to the GMTO online training platform for the entire company

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6 months access to the GMTO online training platform for the entire company Read more
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The GMTO online training platform is the Netflix within the automotive industry.

Here you will find more than 400 minutes of online training covering many technical topics.

Access to the GMTO online training platform is for the entire company, regardless of the number of employees.

Learn, experience and live the GMTO online training platform!


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Online training at all levels. You've got it with the GMTO online training platform.

1 Scope measurements: The relative compression test

With modern engines, engine mechanical problems are becoming more common. These problems can cause strange malfunctions. It is therefore essential to get a picture of the engine mechanical condition when troubleshooting, with this test you will quickly have a real picture of this. This training will show you exactly how to perform this measurement!

2 Modern wheel sensors

In this training we take you along in the development of vehicle systems. We will zoom in on the operation and function of the (intelligent) wheel sensors. With an extension such as parking assistance, for example, these sensors have gained multiple functions. Diagnosing these sensors is not always easy, but this is also discussed in detail in this training.

3 Scope in general

An oscilloscope has become an indispensable tool in troubleshooting, it allows you to quickly locate a problem. The setting often gives problems, in this training you will be taken by the hand how the correct settings can be done. We also explain how to properly analyze a scope measurement.

4 Data networks, C-CAN

A data network is a must in modern vehicles. This training course will focus on the high speed CAN bus. What are its properties, how can the network be recognized and how can it be diagnosed. Topics that are all extensively discussed in this training.

5 Duty cycle

One way of controlling an actuator is duty cycle or PWM. In a vehicle this occurs more often than you might think. It is therefore important to know how a duty cycle works and where it can be applied. How do you go about diagnosing a problem in the controller? Of course you will get an answer to this question as well!

6 Hybrid Diagnostics

With the arrival of Hybrid and Electric vehicles in the workshop, there will also be new problems. In this training we explain how to diagnose an insulation problem. Of course, we start the training by explaining how these problems occur! That way you can just fix the problem next time!!!

7 Gasoline injectors

The gasoline injector has gone through an evolution we are going to take you through. What are the characteristics of a coil and how can you diagnose the injector with a measurement. In this training we take you along.

8 Know what you measure

During this training we take you to a malfunction case on a motorcycle! We will first explain in detail how to measure correctly if you think you have a wiring problem. We take you through the practical application of the V1-V4 measurement. We also take you through a piece of schematic reading. 

9 How an engine management system works

First we explain exactly how an engine management system works. What information does it need from which sensors and which actuators will the engine management system control? In short, what happens in the engine management system, you will learn to think in terms of systems. We are also going to explain the function of the power supplies! 

10 Scopemeasuring: Distribution control

In the scopemeasuring training relative compression test we already introduced you to the benefits of measuring to diagnose a mechanical problem. In this training we are going to take you to another measurement where you can check the distribution timing without disassembling!

11 The lambda sensor (jump sensor)

In practice, the lambda sensor remains a sensor that is difficult to diagnose. To do this better, you must first understand how this zirconium dioxide sensor works. In this training we explain exactly that. After the explanation, we will also take you through the diagnostic process, practically and with the use of the oscilloscope. 

12 Temperature sensors

Temperature sensors have different applications in vehicles. The function is often very important, think of monitoring the temperature in the battery pack of an e-vehicle. So what is an NTC or a PTC and how does the management system view the information coming in? You will get answers to these questions in this training!


13 Mixture adjustment

Mixture adjustments are found in the petrol engine management system. Why was this invented and what can you do with it in practice? We will explain this and take you through how you can use this to diagnose. To be able to follow this training properly, it is desirable that you know how a lambda sensor works!

14 LIN-bus

Serial data communication is now an integral part of motor vehicle technology. The LIN bus is an example of this. Learn to understand the LIN-bus and even more important, learn what to do when the LIN-bus does not work anymore.

15 The 3 phase electric motor

With the introduction of the electric drive of the hybrid vehicles the 3 phase electric motor was also introduced. This technology is used in many electric motors nowadays. In this training you will learn all about the construction and how to diagnose this motor.