GMTO 1 trainingday - Scope use and Diagnosis

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Scope use and diagnosis


This training consists of 1 training day. From 1:00 pm to 7:30 pm. Food is included.

The new generation of scopes, namely the ATS5004D and the ATS605004DXM are very powerful and effective tools of making the correct diagnosis. However, it is very important first of all to know how signals should be measured and, on the other hand, how they should be interprerted. The scope screen will be discussed, with the associated functions and options.

During the training, the components (sensors and actuators) from "enginge management systems petrol" will be treated. Here, the theoretical operation of these components and the signal formation of these components are discussed.


Gaining insight into the use, application and setting of a modern digital scope, the effective use of a modern scope with regard to making diagnosis. The practical application of information and example scope images when making a diagnosis.


  • Name the characteristics of a scope as a measuring instrument.
  • Being able to apply concepts such as time, voltage per devision, triggering, time out and offset.
  • Being able to name and implement specific connections.
  • Perform signal measurements and be able to describe and name signal shapes.
  • Set up and use signature scope option, including Amp clamps, High Voltage kit and pressure measurements.


The following subjects are covered during the training:

  • Start the scope software and start the scope function.
  • Explanation of the toolbar.
  • Setting scope, including time, voltage, triggering, time out and offset.
  • Add measurement channels.
  • Efficient connection of the scope.
  • Signal recognition and error analysis.
  • Use special functions and presets, including: Amperes in combination with the scope function. Inflammation diagnosis primary and secondary. Measure engine power.
  • Special settings such as, relative compression of the engine, TDC determination and turbo pressure control.


At the end of this training you can follow the BKS test: Scope Use & Diagnosis.


This training can be followed in the Netherlands and Belgium.

In the Netherlands, the training is in Dutch. In Belgium, the training can be given in Flemish and French.