Pass-thru LIVE support | Credit 2 hour (met abonnement)

200,00 Excl. tax
Live support for Pass-thru. Easily get acquainted with the programs. Ultimately being able to do everything yourself. Not available outside the Netherlands. Read more
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LIVE support is performed by taking over your screen.
Taking over the screen is paid per minute and deducted from the purchased 2 hours credit.
LIVE support can be used for Pass Thru operations and for IT support.
During this support, the desired Pass Thru actions are carried out for you or your IT system is repaired after a change of the manufacturer. You can follow this.
We offer this ticket in 2 rates:
€ 190,- for customers who have the Technical Support subscription.
€ 250, - for customers who do not have a Technical Support subscription with GMTO. If you do not have this support, you should choose the variant of € 250, see link: pass-thru-live-gmto-support-stripp-105443628.html.
Not available outside the Netherlands