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As a universal garage, have dealer options available when it comes to software updates, fault code information and original schedules with Pass-thru. Read more
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As a universal garage, have dealer options available when it comes to software updates, fault code information and original schedules with Pass-thru.
GMTO creates a corporate account in the name of your company. Including installation of all necessary software.


How does it work?
We all know, technology in the automotive industry develops very quickly. A good example is the developments in the field of software and technical information. For example, a vehicle arrives with a difficult malfunction. After much searching, the solution turns out to be a software update. You have installed a new control device, only it doesn't work yet. What do you need? Software! You perform maintenance, what's on the maintenance list these days? Checking for available software updates!

In addition to writing software, Pass-thru allows you to do much more;

  • Fault code information
  • Technical service bulletins
  • Coding, think for example of tow bars and keys but also of throttle bodies and ECUs.
  • Recall actions
  • Schematics
  • Maintenance lists

What do you need?

To make Pass-thru technically possible, (apart from a good internet connection and a good battery charger) you need two things:

  • An account with a manufacturer.
  • Tesla Toolbox service cable

The above things are completely different from each other. When you only have a VCI you cannot yet perform a Pass-thru.


Applying for an account with a manufacturer is in many cases very complicated and time consuming. GMTO takes care of this! GMTO has gone through and tested many important brands all the way through.

Additional Information Pass-thru:

  • The cost incurred at GMTO is for the complete preparation of the Pass-thru account with the manufacturer. Please note that the manufacturer may still charge for use of the account for such things as software loading.
  • When IT or LIVE support must wait for a certain process such as installing software, the taking over of the PC can be stopped at all times so that the counter does not run.
  • Because GMTO works remotely, the garage company is responsible for ensuring that all conditions for the proper implementation of Pass-thru are met. This could include connecting a Battery Charger. For this reason GMTO cannot be held liable for the actions performed.
    The time purchased for LIVE support is unlimited.
  • LIVE support is for Pass-thru operations and IT support only. Not for other automotive issues.
  • GMTO will indicate with each LIVE support how much time is left at the end. When there is no time remaining, two hours will be automatically added and billed until cancellation.
  • When agreeing to (part of) the quote, the delivery time is approximately 4 weeks (unless otherwise stated). This is partly due to long lead times in applying for the account.

Not available outside the Netherlands.