Package diagnosis Hybrid / EV

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Package composed by GMTO for diagnosis of electrically powered vehicles (EV / Hybrid) the package consists of the GMTO EV Multi-tester and a Milli-ohm meter. Read more
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EV multi tester

With the GMTO EV multitester you are able to perform measurements on hybrid and electric vehicles.


After de-energizing the vehicle, a check is needed. This measurement ensures that you can safely work on the vehicle. It’s important to measure with suitable equipment. This meter complies with CAT III 1000V and therefore complies with the IEC-61010.

make sure the car is de-energized.


It is possible to perform an insulation check or diagnosis for insulation faults. You can compare these measurements with a resistance measurement. Now a high voltage is offered by the meter: 50V, 100V, 250V. 500V, or 1000V. The voltage you must choose is equal to or slightly higher than the maximum voltage prevailing in the high voltage section. Due to the possibility to also select 50V and 100V, this EV multitester is now also suitable for current and future 48V systems and it is possible to measure on piëzo injectors.


You can also perform an earth continuity test (also known as equipotential bonding). During this measurement, you perform a resistance measurement using a test current of 200 mA (prescribed by the vehicle manufacturer), which allows you to accurately determine this resistance. Resolution = 0.001ohm (expected from 1 milliohm)


Particularities and specifications:


  • Measurements for 12V, 24V and 48V and high voltage systems up to 1000V
  • Voltmeter AC/DC: up to 1000V
  • Ground continuity test: 0.001 ohm – 2.0 ohm @ 200mA and up to 20 ohm @90mA
  • 5 Test Voltages: 50V, 100V, 250V. 500V, or 1000V
  • Ohmmeter: measures resistances from 1 milliohm to 60 milliohm.
  • Double display (for example, to display the resistance and test voltage at the same time)
  • Frequency meter: refreshrate 60Hz, can be seen with analog bahrgraph
  • Carry out an insulation measurement or potential equalization measurement with one hand by using the test button on the test probe.
  • Detection and warning against incorrect connection to the meter
  • Measurements according to CAT III 1000V and therefore complies with the IEC-61010 for hybrid and electric vehicles
  • PE / DAR measurement


Milli-ohm meter

The GMTO MM3000 milli-ohm meter is an instrument which can measure on low resistances with high accuracy. You can use it to measure across the electric motor to detect internal shorts. This concerns low-ohm coils and is only sufficient with a milli-ohm meter. It is especially suitable for checking and measuring the resistance of stator coils of electric motors in electric vehicles and works together with any scope and multimeter. The measuring range of this instrument is: 0 to 3000 milli ohms.