GMTO APS 260 Absolute Pressure Sensor

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APS 260 is an absolute pressure gauge for the scope. Read more
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APS 260 is an absolute pressure gauge for the scope.


Operation of the APS 260:


The APS 260 can measure pressures between 0 Bar and 2.6 Bar absolute. With the help of this sensitive pressure sensor, the smallest pressure variations that occur in the inlet or outlet channel are made visible through the scope. With turbo engines the operation and pressure progress of the turbo system can be checked. The pressure pulses in the exhaust can also be checked at low speeds. With this Missfire can be observed very well.


By means of the pre-set measurements in the ATIS software program, the values ​​are indicated exactly in pressure (mbar) in the scope screen. It is also possible to set the scope software so that the measured value corresponds in the scope screen. See manual of the scanning software.


The APS 260 can be used for:


In and outlet diagnosis (valves and impeller diagnosis).

Inlet pressure and turbo pressure compare diagnosis.

Measurement and control technique diagnosis.

Pressure pulse measurements in the inlet and outlet to control breathing of the engine.


Technical specifications:


Measuring range: from 0 bar to 2.6 bar absolute

Supply voltage: 9 volts (9 volts block battery

Accuracy: 5%