Autel Autel MaxiSys MS908 Elite

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Professional Universal reading (OEM) Coding and Programming (OEM) Wireless via Bluetooth Pass Thru ready 9.7 '' retina Touch Screen Fast 1.8 GHz processor Read more
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The MaxiSys MS908 Elite is the cream of the crop within the Autel MaxiSys series. You benefit from all software possibilities, including Pass Thru for access to original factory software. The MaxiSys MS908 Elite comes with a 13,600 mAh battery and a docking station. With the 9.7 '' retina touch screen and a 1.8 GHz processor you experience optimal ease of use


Functions of the MaxiSys MS908 Elite

From the Home screen of the MaxiSys you can select a number of functions. A description of the main functions below.



With the diagnosis function you can read out cars and look for error codes and faults. It is also possible to code and program with the diagnosis function. This is the function that you will use the most. The MaxiSys MS908 Elite recognizes the type of car you have connected automatically, if desired the vehicle data can also be entered manually. You can carry out a full autoscan with the cars or look for faults within a specific module of the car. Making a complete autoscan takes longer. If you know that you are looking for a fault in, for example, the transmission, you can also only search this module for faults. Finally, there is the possibility to only read EOBD (goes very quickly and therefore useful during the APK).



The service function allows you to immediately perform the most common service needs. The advantage is that you no longer need to go through the complete diagnosis menu, but get an overview of the most frequently used functions. Some examples are the resetting of the service and oil cycles, EPB electronic handbrake opening and closing, DPF particulate filter regeneration and the SAS steering wheel calibration.



MaxiFix is ​​a new platform that is available to all users of a MaxiSys diagnosis system. Here you can get in contact with other MaxiSys users to exchange experiences and tips about repair and diagnosis procedures. Based on the type of car you are reading, you can easily search between questions and problems that other MaxiSys users encountered with that specific car. If your question is not there yet, you can create a new "topic". Because MaxiFix is ​​widely used around the world, you often do not have to wait long for an answer. If your question remains unanswered, you will always receive a response from an Autel engineer within 48 hours.



If you have questions or are faced with limitations, you can use the MaxiFix platform to contact other MaxiSys users. If other users can not help you, you can contact Smeets Solutions as your Autel dealer. One of our employees can watch your MaxiSys system remotely via TeamViewer. If the problem still can not be solved then there is a third possibility. You can "log data" and forward it to the Autel engineers. This is mainly used when a piece of software is missing so that you can not read a car or not fully. The Autel engineers write (where possible) new software for you that can be installed on your MaxiSys in the form of an update.


Function Viewer

Function viewer is a program that allows you to view in advance in a simple way which functionalities can be performed on a specific type of vehicle. For example, if you are replacing an injector with a fairly recent diesel engine, you can check whether the MaxiSys has the right software to be able to code the injectors. Imagine that the vehicle is so recent that the software for coding the injectors has not yet been released, that saves a lot of annoyance because you can immediately adjust your workshop planning to this annoying situation.


Store manager

The store manager serves as a database for your customers. As soon as you have read a car, it is automatically added to the readout history and the car can be linked to a customer. By also entering your own workshop data, you can compile a neat report for your customer that can be e-mailed or printed at the touch of a button. View an example of a report here.


Data manager

Keep your photos, files, data logs etc. neatly in one place in your MaxiSys.


Update manager

Updating the MaxiSys MS908 is very simple. As soon as new software is available, a message appears. You only need to click on this and the new software is downloaded via your WIFI connection.


VCI Manager

Here you can connect and disconnect your wireless VCI interface.


Inspection camera

The MaxiSys MS908 Elite can be extended with an inspection camera.



Do you want to use the software in Dutch or in English. Do you want to display values ​​in km / h or miles / h, temperatures in ° Celsius or in Fahrenheit. You can program such preferences under settings.

Features and possibilities of the MaxiSys MS908 Elite:


  • Pass Thru ready
  • Complete OEM vehicle coverage for more than 60 European, Asian and American car brands
  • Extensive possibilities for OEM coding and programming
  • Request measurement values ​​and change basic settings
  • ECUs with new software
  • Communicates with all electronic systems (Engine, Transmission, ABS, Airbags, Immobilizer, Instrument panel, Air conditioning, Power steering, Body, Chassis and more)
  • Resetting and setting Service / Oil intervals
  • Opening and closing the brake calipers of the EPB / SBC (electronic parking brake)
  • Read and erase EPB / SBC error codes
  • Switches off the brake warning light
  • Reset the thickness of the brake pads
  • Testing actuators (controlling components)
  • Scan all vehicle modules at the touch of a button (Quick scan function)
  • Delete all error codes of all modules at the touch of a button (Quick delete function)
  • Supports all 5 OBD2 / EOBD protocols and all 10 test modes
  • Advanced mode 6 support
  • Reads (and erases) generic, manufacturer-specific and sporadic error codes
  • Reading out vehicle information such as VIN, CIN and CVN
  • Memory function of vehicles for a simple and quick diagnosis of previously controlled vehicles
  • Error codes are displayed with a description
  • Error code tips help to determine the cause of an error code more quickly
  • Possibility to view freeze frame and live data
  • Live data in text, graph or analog for data research and analysis
  • Record and play live data to locate problems of sensors and components
  • Print data with WIFI or Bluetooth
  • Making screenshots and printing with WIFI or Bluetooth
  • Multitasking Android Operating System with touchscreen operation
  • Very durable and solid
  • Very fast and wireless up to 100 meters range with long class 1 Bluetooth antenna
  • Very easy to use with intuitive menu structure
  • Ergonomic design with rubber protection and robust housing
  • Internet Explorer for research or placing an online order with your supplier
  • Surge protection protects the MaxiSys and the vehicle
  • 1 year free Autel ID for updates.
  • 2 year warranty
  • Free helpdesk and support from one of our technical staff