GMTO Hybrid diagnostic package

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Package with a milli-ohm meter and a Mega-ohm meter. Read more
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The package consists of the following components:

Mega-ohm meter:

The Facom715 mega-ohm meter is used to check insulation of the high voltage system. The multimeter does this by measuring with a (secured) high voltage resistance.

It is especially suitable for hybrid and electric vehicles.

The meter comes with a canvas protective cover.


Technical specifications:

  • Insulation tester of 0.1 to 4000 Mohm, with 250V, 500V, 1000V
  • Voltmeter AC/DC: 0 to 600V
  • Ammeter AC/DC: 0 to 400mA
  • Ohmmeter: 0 to 40 Mohm
  • Compatible with 711A.P500 amps clamp
  • Frequency meter: m1Hz to 100Khz
  • Diode tester
  • Continuity tester
  • Measurements according to IEC-61010 standard (CAt111600V)

Milli-ohm meter:

With the milli-ohm meter the resistance value of the coils in the electric motor can be measured. Since these are low-ohm coils, only a milli-ohm meter is sufficient.

Why this package?

For diagnosis, most workshops also have specific measuring equipment such as a scope available on the tools. In the case of e-vehicles, something is added to be able to make a proper diagnosis. This has to do with different problems compared to conventional vehicles. The HV components in an e-vehicle must be insulated from the rest of the vehicle. To properly determine whether this is the case (often also possible with a tester), but also to rule out exactly where the problem lies in the insulation, a mega-ohm meter is needed. This device measures insulation resistances with measuring voltages up to 1000 volts! In this way it can be determined whether breakdown still occurs at normal operating voltage. Another common problem is in the coils of the electric motors. When the windings of the stator of the electric motor are closed, the resistance of the stator will change. In many cases, this resistance is already so low that it cannot even be measured with a normal multimeter. Let alone that you can measure that there is a small deviation due to closure. At GMTO we have developed a milli-ohm meter for this. This GMTO milli-ohm meter is especially suitable for the electric motors in e-vehicles and works together with every scope and multimeter. In this way you come across two tools for diagnosis that are additionally required to be able to do this properly. We call this the GMTO hybrid and EV diagnostic package.